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Neptune dosing Jupiter with imagination will also prompt some people to set wildly unrealistic expectations. As I wrote of it in Saturn highlights the way time changes things, and separates the enduring from the fleeting. For living beings, time always leads to death, another fundamental Saturn theme.

Relationships with the past and the dead are thus well within the Saturnian sphere. Saturn is the Greater Malefic in astrology, as it brings deprivation, fear, excessive cold, brittle-ness, depression, confinement and exclusion. Yet Saturn also teaches the virtues of patience, discipline, endurance and duty, and shows us how to maintain glacial calm in even the worst conditions. This time around, Saturn shares Capricorn with Pluto. Pluto has powerful effect on planets it conjoins, pushing them to extremes, exposing their internal contradictions and ultimately transforming them.

Pluto demands that we look at the depths of our Saturnian desires for security, control and organization. Now let us consider the third factor, the South Node. Body-less, It is a shadow that nonetheless has the power to affect the substantial. Ketu is a cleaning, purifying influence. Yet the process of detoxification requires that we get right up close to the toxic and putrid. When the body purges, one is left with quite a mess. Ketu thus targets the intense Saturn-Pluto conjunction for alchemical processing. The Saturn-Pluto materia, being composed of our relationship to fear, death, power, control guilt and responsibility, makes this a particularly dangerous operation, as the fumes given off are loaded with psychic poisons.

In Jyotish, the South Node-Saturn combination gives rise to two yogas. In a natal chart, it suggests that the person has to deal with unhappy, unwell ancestors, and will need to work on complicated multigenerational karmas, and that they will suffer to the degree that they are unable to heal or resolve those issues. The South-Node Saturn combination is also said to give rise to shraddha yoga.

Shraddha is Sanskrit for a sincere ritual act, but particularly one performed in mourning for a funeral. In a natal chart it means that the native is likely to suffer as a result of improperly mourning one of their parents. In the case of both of these yogas, the theme is an unresolved relationship with the past. The medicine is reconciling oneself with those no longer here, and also helping the dead themselves to find resolution and peace.

This sorry business with the dead is evident on a historical level right now, as globally we are in the midst of an attempt to come to terms with the Earth Era, and the centuries of oppression and pain which it entailed. The same configuration which points clearly to this on a collective level also spotlights it on smaller scales. The Saturn-Pluto-South Node combination unseals coffins, and calls the dead to testify.

Although this configuration taps whole oil-fields worth of pain and injustice, it is nonetheless a profound opportunity to engage consciously in the healing process. This section looks at on a more micro level, picking out significant configurations month by month. June and July are, hands down, the hardest months of the year, while December is a solid 3 rd in the brutality rankings. Meanwhile, August, April and September all have some bright moments and lovely configurations. February, March and May are all mixed in nature. October and November are also mixed, but tending toward the negative.

January, though it presents challenges, has those offset by some very positive configurations.

January is, as a whole, a mix of the favorable and unpleasant, and of the fiery and the earthy. Mars is in Aries and Jupiter in Sagittarius for the entirety of the month, making sure there is an abundance of exciting fire. Venus joins Jupiter in Sagittarius on the 7 th , putting both benefics together in the same sign. Together, Venus and Jupiter dole out good fortune and good times.

Uranus stations direct in Aries, another fire sign, on the 6 th , catalyzing latent changes with fingers of red lightning. Fire is activating, arousing, and inspiring. It facilitates goal-oriented behavior and makes people eager to take on challenges and celebrate successes. These configurations are heavy and pragmatic, and ask that we deal with both practical matters, as well as the worries and anxieties which cling to them.

This is the first Eclipse on the Cancer-Capricorn axis, which begins a series which will continue until mid These changes break us out of the heavy-earth elemental pattern, adding some much-needed air to the mix. The lunar Eclipse in Leo is the last of the Leo-Aquarius series which began in early Being the last, it will bring that arc to a conclusion, and facilitate clarity as to the nature and purpose of the cycle as a whole.

After a pair of Eclipses in January, February is a return to normal lunations. Mars spends half of the month powerful in bombastic Aries before downshifting into Taurus on the 14 th. There is thus a big difference in pacing between the first and second half of the month. Just before entering Taurus on the 14 th , Mars conjoins Uranus in Aries.

Mars-Uranus conjunctions can be individually empowering, as they ignite the desire for freedom and personal sovereignty.

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Howeverm, they are best dealt with solo, as their spark can easily ignite arguments. Furthermore, Mars-Uranus conjunctions often accompany shocking and violent events on a collective level. This puts Venus in the same place as Saturn, Pluto and the South Node for all of February, which is emotionally complicated, potentially depressing territory. The most difficult period is the 18 th th , when Venus conjoins Saturn, Pluto and the Tail over the course of a week. Mercury stations retrograde early in the month, the 5 th. The whole thing takes place in Pisces, the sign of its fall.

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Uranus entered Taurus back in May , but regressed to Aries in November. From March 6 th until , Uranus will be in bovine Taurus. The first two-thirds of the month, while the Sun is in Pisces, Neptune and very retrograde Mercury are murky and slow. Exalted Venus in Pisces, the exalted Sun in Aries and mighty Jupiter in Sagittarius make the first two thirds of April one of the nicest periods of Jupiter stations retrograde on the 10 th , and will reverse until August.

On the 20 th , Venus leaves exalted Pisces and the Sun enters Taurus, ending the auspicious skies which floated above the first part of April. The last third of the month holds a number of changes and reversals, and will alter a number of trajectories. Surprising developments, both fair and foul, are sprinkled across the first two-thirds of May. Leave room to improvise and maneuver, just in case. Both Mercury and Venus conjoin Uranus during May, each conjunction sending a little shock through their respective sphere.

Mercury enters Taurus on the 6 th and makes a conjunction with Uranus on the 8 th. Venus enters Taurus on the 15 th and conjoins Uranus on the 18 th. The middle of the month, the 15 th , Mars enters Cancer. Mars does not do well in Cancer, and its time there points to general dysfunction in the martial current. Though it is an annoying influence during the second half of May, it will become a much bigger problem in June, when it clicks into configuration with Saturn, Pluto and the Nodes.

The 20 th sees the Sun and Mercury enter Gemini and then conjoin immediately. June is a strong contender for the worst month of With all of the malefics together on one axis, the configuration speaks to all sort of unpleasantness. This difficult middle portion is, ironically, host to a beautiful Full Moon in Sagittarius conjunct Jupiter. This Full Moon, which arrives on the 17 th is a bit of saving grace in the middle of peak awfulness. Though still difficult, the Mars-Saturn-Nodes-Pluto configuration lulls a bit during the last third of the month, though it will be reactivated again in early July.

Furthermore, poor Venus enters Cancer in early July, getting her caught in the crosshairs that the difficult reshuffling of Eclipses augur. Between the Eclipses, on the 7 th , Mercury stations retrograde, conjunct Mars in Leo. Mercury retrogrades back into Cancer on the 19 th to make yet another pass over the difficult Cancer-Capricorn axis. Mercury will not station direct until August. It is the New Moon in Leo on the 31 st , the first lunation not shadowed by an Eclipse, that decisively shifts the focus away from the Cancer-Capricorn meatgrinder.

August, though by no means perfect, is approximately one million times less awful than June and July. To begin with, the month starts with Mercury now direct.

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The first two-thirds of the month see the Sun, Venus and Mars all together in Leo. This trio is joined by Mercury on the 11 th , making for a rare four planets in one sign. All of the planets in Leo get a happy trine from benefic Jupiter in Sagittarius, who stations direct on the 11 th. These configurations are significantly more positive than anything the skies have had to offer since April. After a nice trine from now-direct Jupiter and a trek through Leo, the planets, one by one, head into Virgo.

Mars on the 17 th , Venus on the 21 st , the Sun on 23 rd , and Mercury on the 29 th. The first half of September is defined by a mega-clump of planets, all moving through Virgo together. The 14 th is thus a significant pivot-point, as it is also the date of the Full Moon in Pisces. Not long after, on the 18 th , Saturn stations direct, bringing an end to the retrograde, which began in April. The second half of the month has some rather choice skies.

Jupiter and Venus, the two benefics, are both very strong, and Mercury is in a good place to benefit from said benevolence. The first week of October sees three planets change signs, ending the particularly tasty skies which characterized the second half of September. Mercury slides into Scorpio on the 3 rd , and Mars marches into Libra later the same day. Venus follows Mercury into Scorpio on the 8 th. Both Mercury and Venus make oppositions to Uranus in Taurus, catalyzing surprises, insights, and sudden shifts. The New Moon in Aries on the 13 th , which is configured nicely to Jupiter in Sagittarius, makes a fun, enthusiastic addition to the middle of the month, and helps offset the less pleasant alignments.

The New Moon in Scorpio on the 27 th is almost perfectly opposed to Uranus, and tells of a fortnight laced with catalytic lightning. As a final unkindness, Mercury stations retrograde on the last day of the month. November begins with a freshly retrograde Mercury and Mars in a grinding square with Saturn and Pluto, continuing the harshness with which October ended. Fortunately, Venus ingresses into upbeat Sagittarius on the 1 st , and will share the sign with fortunate Jupiter for much of the month.

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It is the benevolence of the Venus-Jupiter copresence and the malefic Mars-ruled Mercury retrograde which speaks to the mixed good and evil that characterizes much of November. The dynamics change between the 19 th and 22 nd. Mars enters Scorpio on the 19 th , Mercury stations direct on the 20 th , and the Sun enters Sagittarius on the 22 nd , switching things up quite a bit. Mars, meanwhile, spends all of December strong in Scorpio, which does not lighten the tone, but at least provides the fire to deal with Necessity.

Venus leaves Capricorn on the 19 th , but is swiftly replaced by the Sun, who enters Capricorn on December 21 st , the solstice. A few days later, on December 25 th , Christmas day, we are treated to an annular solar Eclipse in Capricorn. For more on , check out the yearly forecast episode of The Astrology Podcast. Thank you, Austin! Definitely an interesting read. Very excited about your podcast!

Thank you for not glossing over the heavy skies! Great read. Hopefully the collective eggs that need breaking for future omelettes actually get cooked up. I do notice an unptick already in all the ancestral traumas getting more spotlight in activist circles than ever before. Thank you for your work! June is definitely not going to be pretty.

My bet is on some kind of widespread illness that spreads via water or liquid of some kind. The Sun is in the 8th house, suggesting that the President and his cabinet will be aligned in goals and plans. The Moon , just a few hours from being Full at the time of the Aries ingress, will be in nearly-complete opposition to the Sun. In the first house, below the horizon in Virgo, the Moon represents the people of the nation — for the first time since I started analyzing these charts, in their own house, in their own place of power, and turning their analytical powers on the world around them like a fully-opened eye.

I think that we may expect that the citizenry of the United States may be awakening to their challenges — analyzing those difficulties and predicaments, but not yet acting upon them. An array of powers are opposed to this awakening — media, open allies to the country, and those whose fortunes depend on a quiescent public.

But Virgo has traditionally represented the harvest, and the Moon is nearly out of Virgo — the harvest of the people is nearly over. We may expect that Congress will be called upon to assist, and Congress will feel a need to claim more power for itself than it has in recent years in order to effect a resolution.

In the Seventh House, Mercury will show the media as weakly and ineffectively continuing to chase the President; they will likely be seen as in the pocket of foreign powers — even though those countries are nominally allies, for a media industry to do the bidding of other nations will strike many as tone-deaf. At the same time, Mercury will be struggling to distance itself from the presidential Sun, retrograding through the earlier degrees of Pisces — the depths of justice and good government will be rich fishing grounds for the media in the next six months.

There are going to be some new sympathies between the fashion industry and the working classes, and military inspiration is likely to appear in strongly structured garments intended to appeal to older generations. Hybrid and gender-bent clothing of various sorts — jackets that wear like shirts, suit separates, kilts, — may come into fashion, but we may also see a return to traditionalism in both working class and military garments.

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Venus, as a night-loving planet in the lower half of the chart, and as a dawn star, is likely to be more active than martial Mars, who cools his heels waiting for orders as an evening star. The next seven to eight years are going to bring broad-based disruptions to American industry and to its military, as Uranus transits through Taurus, the sign of the fecund Earth.

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Both the military and US manufacturing are going through some tumultuous times in which unexpected challenges are going to provide costly reminders of the expense of getting it wrong. The next six months may see other companies and other branches of the military dealing with the unexpected consequences of bad design, bad planning, or both. This means that the law, the judiciary, and the minority party are all going to be particularly expansive topics with a rising importance in the next six months. This makes them the majority party — and yet in terms of raw vote totals, the Republican party has engineered their majority through drawing favorable boundaries around their overall minority. Saturn, representing the poor and the elderly, sits in its own sign of Capricorn, co-present with the South Node and Pluto, in the Fifth House which traditionally represents the elites or the aristocracy.

There are a growing number of elderly who are also poor; and a growing number of poor who have the conditions of the elderly applying to them —malnutrition, dementia and other forms of physical and mental illness. Two years before the Plague of Justinian reached Byzantium itself, the North Node was in Capricorn, and the plague was ravaging the countryside around Constantinople.

On the North Node in Cancer side our current state of play , we also have some similar plague-heraldry. The co-presence of Saturn and Pluto with the South Node in Capricorn suggests a particularly malefic and toxic potential for illness in the next six months — especially once we add in the supporting trine with Mars the lover of rashes and fevers and inflammation: wash your hands early and often in the next six months.

His presence in watery Pisces, enclosed between communicative but retrograde Mercury debilitated in Pisces and the Descendant and the Part of Fortune, suggests that the depths of the addiction problem in the United States have not been sufficiently plumbed. We may continue to expect states to pass laws decriminalizing medical or recreational use of cannabis; we may continue to expect that compassion-and-profit-motivated laws granting amnesty for prior cannabis-related crimes will continue to pass; and we may expect growing efforts overseas among US allies to decriminalize possession of cannabis.

A lot of people are likely to get rich off of these laws; you are not likely to be among them. Expect American withdrawal from the war on drugs to reveal several open enemies — drug cartels and pharmaceutical companies not least among them. Watch for crazy food trends monthly given the house-based trine with the Moon, as well, during the next six months. Army — normally methodical and careful and slow to act, this plodding Taurean force may dig in its hooves and start pointing the sharp end of the horn at targets that have tormented it.

Pluto, representing the mining and energy industries, is found just inside the last ten degrees of Capricorn — the hybrid fish-goat ruled by co-present and limiting Saturn the master of boundaries and endings. The supporting degree-based trine from Mars indicates a hard cutting-away of access to resources a mine collapse? The other house-based trine, with the Moon in the First House in Virgo, suggests unpleasant news for ordinary people on an almost-monthly basis.

One final note — the Tenth House, seat of government and the reputation of the nation, is ruled by mercurial Gemini for the next six months. So neither Node nor planets aid one another in any material way — out of sight, out of mind. Somehow, this strikes me as…well, not an analytical light on the darkness, but maybe the populace sees the Cap Gerentocratic mob as the obstacle that it is, in dire need of a staircase to shove the wheelchairs down the South Node.

If that revelation can be retained, all bets are off on where the future may lie. The September chart looks quite different than this one. Still, the problem must be grasped before any effective solution can happen. Call that my Kelly Surtees hope spot.