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On the move? Join me through my fantastic Facebook Horoscope Ace App, or at my YouTube Horoscope Channel, which provide a sparkling variety of content, for your every need. With Venus forging an uncomfortable angle with dreamy Neptune we may wonder whether to be more active or passive regarding a key relationship.

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Tap for more As sultry Venus enters passionate Scorpio from today feelings can intensify and could be very compelling at times. We may need to tread with care over coming days as Mercury opposes Uranus and the Sun angles towards Saturn. Today's merger between the Moon in Capricorn and cleansing Pluto can bring intense feelings to the surface. Today's Quarter Moon in Capricorn can represent a first milestone in a plan or project and brings an opportunity for key decisions.

With fiery Mars moving into Libra from today for a six week stay we may devote a lot of energy to our relationships and to enhancing our social life. Potent Pluto turns direct from today in the sign of Capricorn which can allow us to direct our power and focus to the outside world.

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Articulate Mercury moves into Scorpio from tomorrow which can see us digging deep to get to the heart of key issues issue. Lovely Venus angles awkwardly towards potent Pluto, which can bring compelling feelings and energies into the mix. The Moon in Scorpio opposes restless Uranus in Taurus, which can leave us feeling a little antsy and unable to settle so easily. Venus glides into Scorpio, joining with Mercury like the planet of talk of thought and goes face to face with the unpredictable Uranus.

We can expect some things to develop suddenly this week, but opportunities can emerge.

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Our relationships are much in focus this month and with Mars powering into Libra on the 4th, for singleton's this can provide the surge of energy to interact more passionately. This year, the Christian festival of Palm Sunday falls on the 9th April and commemorates Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem.

Hindus all over the world will be celebrating Rama Navami in some areas the festivities can last up to nine days Tap for more Want to add some colour to your life? Holi is the great Hindu spring festival which celebrates the victory of good over evil and the end of winter. March 1st is mostly associated with St.

Find out more Tap for more The 5th September sees the celebration of a very special birthday, Lord Ganesha. Find out more Oswald was a King of Northumbria and today we celebrate the feast day of St. Oswald today Lammas is an old festival which in the Christian tradition honours the first part of the harvest Mars in Cancer is united with the Neptune Saturn Sextet on June 14th and you can prepare for a reality check.

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You can be under pressure, but it is good. You can move the mountains from the place if you want, and discipline and fantasy is the key! Then on Sunday, June 16, Mercury is the next who is in contact with Saturn and Neptune, so it's time to test their ideas in the real world.

See if dreams and visions resist the light of reality and adapt them accordingly. He dreams of a large, intense planning, but step by step and starts to work!

History of the Gemini Horoscope

There is no time to lose and much is waiting for you! Every Monday we are waiting for a general horoscope next week on Sfatulparintilor. It continues to be a tense time and intense life. But this is a good way to be busy. Now you are the only sign that blesses the fact that more than ever, you are watching the beauty of everything that surrounds you every day and more and more than ever, you see how much around love and your life. Conflicts, tensions, chaos and instability can also occur in a family home, in relationships with some guests, and there may also be aspects of reconstruction, repair of a home.

But, fortunately, you are in a very good mindset, and you can manage absolutely any problems with skill and success. The key is to never forget the moment that is your long-term goal.

Keep track of the worst improvements. Watch out for thoughtful actions that only respond with a clear desire.

In love, it may be a week that changes everything. Now you seem to be completely focused on money, cash flows, profits, costs. Money comes, money is gone, your mind is still in the money. Of course, this means that you will buy beautiful things for you and your loved ones. You are in an excellent position to negotiate financial issues and anything that matters to you, as the planets pump you energy when it comes to your style of communication.


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